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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Brandfontein Digital is a Windhoek-based creative digital solutions agency that specializes in online conversions and digital solutions for small and medium businesses. We offer a range of services, including website design and optimization, digital marketing, and system-based digital solutions, to help our clients raise their brand awareness and generate more sales opportunities.

We combine data-driven insights with decades of experience in the Namibian digital marketing and advertising landscape to deliver exceptional results for our clients. We understand the importance of simplicity in user experience and the significance of conversion in marketing campaigns. Our team of brand strategists, creatives, developers, and visual masterminds use all forms of communication to bring your brand to life, whether that's through social media, community building, or more traditional mediums. Our goal is to maximize interaction with consumers and clients, creating multiple touchpoints to strengthen the connection with your brand.


We are not big and brash, which usually means bad news for your budget, and we are not controlled by a network. We spend our time working closely with our clients to maximise their marketing ROI and make a good impression where it really counts today, ONLINE.

About Us
Our Approach


Finding Inspiration in Every Turn


We understand that it's important for your costs to be predictable and certain. That's why we take a unique approach to our digital solutions, by offering our clients a clear and transparent pricing structure. Our pre-project audit and project proposal allow us to project results based on the client's budget and our ongoing in-house cost-estimating capabilities helps clients establish a realistic budget early in the process. This allows you to budget accordingly and make informed decisions about your digital investments.


We work closely with our clients, to understand their specific needs and tailor our solutions to meet those needs. We believe in taking the time to understand your business, your target audience and your goals, before creating a customized strategy that will deliver results. 


Our focus on local digital trends and expertise in online behaviour together with our ability to adapt to the latest changes in the digital landscape makes us to know where to find your clients and how best to reach them. Our small size allows us to be agile and responsive to changing market conditions. We are not bogged down by red tape and bureaucracy like larger agencies and can move quickly to take advantage of new opportunities. 


We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver high-quality work on time and on budget. Brandfontein has developed accelerated techniques in development, design, scheduling, and even analytics which allow our clients to receive results complete digital strategies and content plans within 7 days and detailed analytics reports within 48 hours of each cycle.Our team of experts have the skills and experience to help your business succeed in the digital world. 

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